We are consistently refining and adding effective new treatment approaches based on evidence-based research to our practice. We often get asked for reference materials, resources and links on some of the more progressive testing and treatment modalities available in NeuroEndocrinology. The following are links to references, articles and resources that we have found useful. Though we do not always agree with or employ the methods and treatments discussed, we do feel it is helpful to be educated on other viewpoints and treatment options that may not be in the mainstream and popular media.

Online Supplement Orders

We have accounts with several supplement vendors who provide online ordering for patients of NeuroEndocrine Consulting. These orders are shipped directly to you. Please contact our office for instructions to set-up accounts with any of these vendors. The links below will take you to the vendor's e-store.


Local Compounding Pharmacies

Our local compounding pharmacies have a wealth of resources, publications, webinars and radio shows available on topics such as bio-identical hormone replacement for men and women, thyroid imbalance, sleep disorders, pain, adrenal fatigue, GI disturbances, nutrition and many more.

  • Apothecary Shop Austin
    If you click on the topic of interest in the left column of the home page, relevant research articles for each topic are provided.

  • HillCountryRx
    Click on Compounding News to find current topics as well as archived research articles and topics.

  • People's RX
    People's does regular radio shows on integrative health topics and has a Wellness Library that gives both conventional and alternative approaches to a spectrum of topics.

Specialty Testing Labs

These sites have good research articles, white papers and webinars on the tests offered, applications and science behind why and when to test.

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