Frequently Asked Questions

Best Way to Contact the Office - Email or Phone?

We conduct medical discussions by phone or in person and believe voice is a more effective way for all parties to be understood. Our medical assistant Colleen can be reached at extension #4. Please keep messages brief and consider scheduling an appointment if you have a lengthy or complex situation.

We use email for administrative purposes only (paperwork, scheduling, etc). We generally respond to emails and phone calls within 2 business days.

Appointment Cancellation, Scheduling, Rescheduling

How far in advance do I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?

Please contact us two business days prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid being charged for the visit.

How do I contact you to cancel and reschedule or schedule a visit?

You can either call or email us about rescheduling or scheduling your appointment. Please be specific about your availability when contacting us - it is very helpful when you to provide days/times of day that work well for you.


I have no more refills on my prescription, what do I need to do?

Your pharmacy is responsible for requesting your refills. Each pharmacy has its own unique system to manage their prescriptions, so please contact your pharmacy to request a refill. They will fax a refill request to us that we return using their specific protocol.

How long does it take to process a refill?

Please allow two business days for prescription requests to be processed. This allows time for the pharmacy to send the request to us and for us to review your chart and process the paperwork. In some cases, we may need to talk with you before deciding on the appropriate course of action.

If your pharmacy has not received confirmation from us within 2 business days, please contact us directly for follow up.

What if I use a mail order pharmacy?

We will give you a hard copy to send them initially. Some mail order pharmacies will fax us if you initiate the prescription with them by phone.

Custom Creams

Where do I apply my cream?

Please apply the cream as close as possible to the recommended times (8 a.m. and 6 p.m.). The cream can be applied on the inner elbows, abdomen, inner thigh, behind the knees or on the bottoms of the feet.

How soon can I shower or bathe after application?

Please allow 30 minutes at least, an hour would be best.

When and how do I order my next jar?

Please reorder your cream when your jar or bottle is half-full.

How many jars can I order in one shipment?

Please order a single jar for at least the first several orders, and until it has been confirmed that your formula/dosage is right for you. After that, up to three jars can be ordered in the same shipment (and for the same shipping cost as a single jar)

Custom Cream Order e-Form

The Custom Cream Order e-Form is available on the website. Please be sure to fill out the form completely including all of the health questions. Please submit a 2nd form if you need more than one formula.

Creams will be shipped directly to your home using the street address you provide on the form. Only use a PO Box if you are having it sent by mail. Your order takes one day to prepare, and is then shipped out by the method you indicated on the form.

Payment is required at the time the order is placed. Credit-card-on-file payments can be processed if a card has previously been used in our office. The card information is securely stored by the credit card processor for future use. To authorize us to use a card, please be sure to include the last four digits of the card on the form. You can also provide your payment information by phone.

You may submit this order by email to, by fax to 512-879-9046, by mail or by bring it to our office.


How much lead time is needed?

You are responsible for completing lab orders and other diagnostic tests before your scheduled appointment. The processing time needed by the lab or diagnostic facility varies by the type of test ordered. Please allow at least 3 days - preferable a week - for lab work, and up to 4 weeks for specialty tests such as hormones, neurotransmitters, iodine levels and diagnostic imaging studies. These timeframes will be explained at the time the tests are ordered.

Can I get a copy of my labs and/or test results before my visit?

Interpretation of lab results is an important part of determining your health status and treatment plan. An office visit is required to discuss these results in the context of your health history and to be able to answer your questions. We will contact you if your results require immediate attention. Otherwise, results will be discussed during your next visit or phone consultation.

What do I need to do/not do prior to labwork?

We will note any precautions or requirements (such as fasting, meds, etc) on your lab order. Please read over the lab sheet ahead of time.

A fasting lab requires no food or drink (other than water) after midnight. We do suggest hydrating with water before going to the lab for the draw. This will help keep your veins plump and easier to work with during the collection process.

If we are testing your thyroid levels, please wait until AFTER the draw to take thyroid meds.

We recommend stopping Vitamin D supplements THREE DAYS prior to lab work. If you did not, please just let Nancy know so she can take that into account.

What if my insurance will not cover my lab work?

Insurance plans vary in what they will cover, how often it can be run and which labs are in-network. Please contact your carrier to clarify these details prior to having your lab work done. If your plan does not cover any or some portion of the lab work, we can suggest some less expensive direct pay alternatives.

Sabre Sciences Hormone Kit (saliva)

Please carefully read through the instructions included in the kit before starting. Make sure you stay well hydrated the day prior to and the day of collection.

Which day is Day 2? (For Females)

Day one of your period is the first day you spot - even a little very late. The following day is day two.

If you no longer have a period, you are free to pick any convenient day. Yay!

Do I chew on the cotton?

Do not chew on the salivette - it is rough, and can cause some light bleeding that will interfere with your sample; just let it rest in your mouth for a few minutes.

Do I have to rinse my mouth?

Do rinse your mouth out prior to collection. This is not necessary for the night collections (12:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.). The 12:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. collections are the most likely to have issues with enough saliva. Make sure you keep them in your mouth as long as the other salivettes.

Do I need to stop any medications or supplements for the test?

If you are on hormone drops or oral estrogen, please wait to take them until after you have made the collection near that time (example, take drops after 8:00 a.m. & 8:00 p.m. collections).

What if I won't be near a freezer when I collect?

Please keep the sample as cool as possible until you are able to freeze them (do not leave in a hot car, for example).

Do I ship immediately after completing?

Make sure all samples have been frozen before shipping. Sabre prefers you ship Monday thru Wednesday to minimize extended temperature exposure. It is OK if the salivettes thaw during shipment - no worries!

How long does it take to get the results?

Once Sabre Sciences receives your sample, it will take two weeks to process the kit and issue the report.

Neurogsitics Neurotransmitter Kit (urine)

Please read carefully through the instructions included in the kit before starting.

Why does it need to be the second urination of the day?

Usually your first urination is just after you awaken. Your brain is not fully active at that point. By the second urination of the day, you have been up and active for awhile.

Does it matter what day I test?

Women: do not test during your period.

Everyone: do not test if you have blood in your urine for any reason, or if it is an unusually high stress day. Otherwise, test at your convenience.

Should I take any medications and supplements prior to collection?

Please review the list of what not to consume that is included on the instructions in the kit. It also notes what to avoid eating and how much you can drink the morning of collection.

Do I ship immediately after completing?

The filter needs to dry for 24 hours after collection (see instructions). The dry sample can be shipped any day of the week.

How long does it take to get the results?

Once Neurogistics receives your sample, it will take two weeks to process it and issue the report.

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